Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Pet Peeves

This is a updated list of my pet peeves.

1. Bandhs or strikes in Calcutta.
2. Women who nag.
3. Oily Indian food being passed off as "authentic" Indian cooking.
4. People who pretend that mobile connections are bad to hang up. In these days and times, this excuse just does not make it.
5. Vendors who make false claims in proposals.
6. Airline security checks while travelling on any American airline. I am always singled out for a strip search. Is it my boobs? Do I look shifty eyed? Do I look like a terrorist? WHAT? Now, I automatically start loosening my pumps and am astounded when the security people tell me it is not needed.
7. Emotionally needy people.
8. Indian techies who sponge free booze like there's no tomorrow.
9. Chapped skin.
10. Dirty bed linen.


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