Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bengali Beauties as observed in Maddox Square OR Fashion Victims 2005

1. The double trouble - Hair identically streaked/ coloured in red and the remainder of the hair dye probably used as blusher on face, silk saris with heavy zari border screaming, "attention!" Eyes lined with lots of kohl, eyeliner to durga proportions, noserings a la sania mirza, green/gray contact lenses, long nails tinted red and bright red sindoor in their partings. Scary movie III - you have new stars. For a minute, I think all of us were rendered speechless by the spectacle of double trouble.
2. The shoulderless wonder - Plump adolescent in shoulderless edged with sequinned top. The horror! Considering the fact that the mom was a variant of double trouble, what does one say?
3. Sari or Curtain or Madame half-n-half - Draped in a sari that was half fuchsia satin with a aanchal that was all crochet and bad lace at that.
4. Sequin Overdose - Pink, green, blue, red, yellow, violet sequins everywhere. I was blinded by the spectacle to make out what the dress actually was.
5. Leather/ Pleather - Bright red leatherish plastic shirt making one wonder, does the temperature in Calcutta not affect you at all?

Pity I'm leaving town today. I would have so loved to people watch some more.


At 11:06 PM, Anonymous miller said...

sania is married now but still wins millions of hearts.


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