Monday, May 12, 2014

Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

I met the mob. It was very strange, but nice. My family is so small and individualistic, it is very, very strange for me to be in a family environment where there are 500 odd people all looking alike and being clannish. The good thing is that SO perceived my panic attacks and was a rock.

A very long time ago (more than a decade and a quarter) when we had only just met, fallen in love  and become friends, we resolved to never let go of our minds and to follow our own minds and not our parents, elders or anyone else's, because both of us felt we were responsible, mostly did right and followed rules and the laws. We've stuck to our resolve, but now looking back, it seems we were rebelling. Aided of course, by each other. I'm afraid both of us enabled each other's rebellion by supporting it. Still, apart from the one thing, no regrets.

And so, our lives have become pretty much one. In our minds, it happened long ago, its only now we are letting other people in. By other people I mean, our families, extended families and friends. This has so far been a happy experience. Ignoring negativity helps in keeping it happy.

So this is it....


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