Saturday, July 10, 2004

Survival of the fittest or how I sham my way through German classes

Word association comes easily to me. My premise in life is, if I could sham my way through a masters in mathematics, I can sham my way through anything. Sadly, I am usually proved right. On the other hand, if something interests me, I am a person possessed. I am so unmotivated in my German classes it surprises me. I used to take classes seriously which is why I passed my classes since I rarely studied outside the classroom. Now, I go for my classes so that I have the requisite number of hours of German study showing in my resume. The sad part is, I do pretty well in the assignments, quizzes and tests, just because my memory is good and because I use my brains to figure out words and word associations, but in reality, I cant speak german fluently and I stutter when I have to and am left grasping at straws when someone speaks german with me. I know I suck!


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