Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Things have changed

One year ago, I ached to see the world. I wanted nothing more than to travel to places, meet other people, explore cities that I had never been to, Look at sights that I had only heard about on television or read in books, newspapers and magazines. Today, my travelling shoes are firmly on my feet. I have been to 2 other continents (Europe, North America) and 5 countries (France, USA, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Holland) in the span of seven months. I have met more than 1000 people and formed atleast 4 friendships with people spread over the globe. This year, I have yet to visit Japan, Korea and maybe Germany, though it is all tentative. I might go for my annual holiday with my mum to Bangkok. Last year around this time I had drawn up a list of the 50 things I wanted to do before I die and I have already crossed off more than 20 things on the list. I feel as if my life has only just begun and I am eager for more.


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