Thursday, December 02, 2004


Someone should tell Indian movie stars how annoying they really are. Yesterday, I saw Aamir Khan's mug all over the papers. Isnt it amazing that a real cutie can transform himself into someone truly pukeworthy just by growing hair and a handlebar moustache? He now looks really skanky. There is something about gelled and/ or oily hair that puts me off terribly. I understand mid-life crises (Hell! I've even undergone quarter life ones, just ask Varsha!) but if you are a public figure should you be allowed to put people off their lunches, dinners AND breakfasts? As it is, most Indian film stars have such bloated egos that most of them behave like the emperor in new clothes. Why doesn't Aamir Khan's girlfriend tell him any better? I really don't get it. Is Aamir copying Hollywood stars and doing the 'living the character' thing like Rene Zellweger or something? Whatever happened to wigs and false moustaches? Why does he have to make a perfect fool of himself? Why?

That said, now comes the rant on the ladies. I recently watched "coffee with Karan", a talk show hosted by Karan Johar, the film director. It reminded me again of why I consciously avoid Bollywood stuff. The guests of the evening were Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee. Well! I have yet to see something dumber. Kareena preens and pouts and is so artificial, it makes one wonder. Was she actually born naturally, or did the Kapoors just fuse polymers together and drag out a human form? What? Her face was painted and she looked really funny in a fuchsia halterish neck frock. She looked very sluttish. Its a pity. She actually is not bad to look at, but then when has bollywood stopped at converting even the most non-filmi actor or actress into someone tawdry and artificial? All that could be forgiven if she wouldnt flounce so much and be less loud, but no, she's a super star, remember? Double ewwww.... Oh, I havent started on Karan Johar. I hate smug men who gel their hair. Nothing more to be said. The worst show ever. If you havent watched it, good, if you plan to watch it, don't.


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