Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Room Service

Work takes me around a lot and I've calculated that I spend 100 days a year travelling. I seem to have stayed in every chain hotel and some boutique and five star hotel known to the face of this earth. The one thing that I love about hotels is freshly laundered towels everyday (I often decide on my travels to start doing the same at home, but after the second day, my towel changing enthusiasm wears down - there is nothing like being waited on hand and foot, is there?) and heaps of bath products that one can help one's self to. I really, really enjoy all the L'Occitanes, Molton Browns, Crabtree & Evelyn and Neutrogena (depending on which part of the globe one is) there is to pick up and sample. I've discovered wonderful products that I didn't know existed and my bathroom shelves feel the brunt of it. What to do, I am a total product maniac. Also, whenever I give gifts to people I have a pile of products to add to the gifts. Some people are fooled easily and the ones who are not, I readily admit the origins. Still to me, the best part of staying in hotels will always be the samples of products that one can take. One can always make out how good and detailed a hotel will be by the quality of products it lays out for its guests. L'occitane - very good and may tend to traditional, Molton Brown - snooty and good, Crabtree & Evelyn - good but don't get the point, Neutrogena - good and great value for money, Lush - good and trendy, any product with just the hotel's name and label - time to whip out your own products and avoid their restaurants like the plague.


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