Thursday, July 28, 2005

Commenting Rules on This Blog - Version 1.0

1. I do not like rude and insulting comments and I might delete those, unless I chose to let them remain to let the Internet determine the IQ level of the commenter.

2. I don't really care much about what anyone who reads this sorry ass blog thinks, but it still remains MY blog and I shall do what I wish. So, if that causes a problem, too bad.

3. I do not like anonymous commenters and I usually delete those, unless they are flattering or so dumb that they don't make a difference.

4. I dislike Indian wannabes. That said, if I delete your comments, you know what you are.

5. If I am in a bad mood, I shall delete comments without a reason. If someone protests, up theirs.

6. I don't respond to bleatings about hurt feelings when comments are deleted, so up yours if your feelings are hurt because your precious comment that hardly 2 people have read anyway, are deleted.

7. This blog is not meant to be a ledger of accounts. It is not meant to take revenge, deliberately hurt feelings or to show anyone down. This blog merely reflects what I have been thinking at the given point while typing the post. My thoughts and opinions might change later. Nothing is a given on this blog.

8. Clearly this blog is no place to have debates or arguments. I have no time for them. There are very many blogs where you may do so, and an argumentative person or anyone who wishes to have a debate may transfer their attention to such blogs.

9. This blog is not politically correct. So, if one wishes to inform me about the inaccuracy of my opinions and views, your comment in all probability will be deleted.