Monday, July 04, 2005

German Efficiency?

Well, most of my German friends sniff and look down on my beloved country because things take a million years to happen. However, one thing that does seem to function pretty decently is luggage handling by airlines. I've never lost luggage in India or have it come late. However, I have had my luggage arriving one day later than I did, in Munich this summer. Agreed that the Airline I flew (Austrian Air) is not German and that a half hour stop in Vienna was really short-sighted and stupid, but arriving in Munich sans clothes on a Sunday has been the worst travel experience ever. It required a hasty dash to Esprit, buying undies that till date have been the most expensive ever (umm... 35 Euros is INR 1890 afterall, lets not even discuss the bras) and clothes that are not my style at all.

EVERYTHING was closed on Sunday, I had to attend parties, a black-tie dinner (I wrapped my black stole around me to hide my crumpled shirt and wore huge earrings to draw away attention, not that I succeeded) and associates to visit. I explained to everyone that I had an unfortunate experience with my luggage. Thank God, I knew most of my associates pretty well and they have seen me in better-dressed times. Germany has never been so exasperating to me till that horrible Sunday. I'll never not sympathise with people who've lost baggage. I know the pain now and I'm always carrying a spare set of clothes in my hand baggage, no matter what.


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