Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Thank You TCT

I get a morbid kick of reading The Calcutta Times and seeing that Rimjhim celebrates her birthday with friends or Kewal has a drink with buddies or better still Sweetie inaugurates shop or para puja (No names changed, all names have actually appeared in TCT at some point or the other). I can't decide whether it amuses me or annoys me more. On good days, I laugh my guts out at the sorry losers drinking IMFL (India Manufactured Foreign Liquor) at some sidey Calcutta Club (not THE Calcutta Club, just another para club in Calcutta is what I mean, not that the booze in THE Calcutta Club is any better, still!) and on bad days the wrong English annoys me.

I do want to thank TCT because it helps me in spotting fake celebrities like really ugly male models and tollywood actors (I know so many cute bengali men, so why is it that bengali actors and models are invariable ugly? Why?), actresses (oh sorry June Maliah, I meant ACTOR - for some strange reason all female actresses these days are referred to as ACTORS - another annoyance really) and ribbon-cutters that TCT is bent on branding celebrities. I also get a kick when I recognise fake celebrities and see that I was right, most of them ARE desperate wannabes.


At 2:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with u more. Amusing to read it on lighter days and irritating to the core on bad days. And these so called celebrities.. yuk....! Especially that pumpkin face of June Maliah... eeky and spooky! And why is she called actor? Aah... coz I get this premonition that either she is a man or almost a man or aspiring to be a man!


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