Sunday, October 12, 2014

On Annoyance

I used to get annoyed with a whole lot of things that no longer annoy me, such as housewives, pet owners, bikers and grapefruit. The thing about annoyance is that one can live with it and perhaps grow out of it, mostly on realising that there are worse things and/ or becoming or owning the annoyance.

I now have a fresh set of annoyances which I am compelled to list.

1. Jealous, bored housewives
2. People who feed my pets behind my back
3. Sattu - actually this should have been at the top of my list
4. People who insist on walking on tracks and do not make way for runners
5. Assholes who do not give way to me when I am biking
6. People who cannot hold their drink
7. Overly thin people like Amal Amaluddin who people like George Clooney marry. Why George, WHY?
8. Overly thin people who don't put on weight
9. Stick insect women who wear skin tight jeggingy things and short teeshirts
10. My sister and mother in a cold war situation
11. People who feed stray dogs (if you love them so much, adopt them and take them off the streets ASSHOLES!)
12. The SO's non-shaving days - sweetie, its not a sexy stubble, it makes you look like an out of work struggling starving actor
13. Dirty cutlery
14. Bad wine
15. Half empty restaurants where the hosts ask you if you have a reservation
16. Fit people talking about chia seeds and the like
17. Name-dropping
18. Parents moaning about kids, education, precocity at dinner parties
19. The annoying anti-smoking ads in movie theatres
20. The supremely annoying manyawar ad which is only shown in movie theatres

So, what annoys you?


At 3:46 AM, Blogger Buls said...

I hate that Manyawar ad. I want them to go bankrupt so we don't have to see those stupid ads ever again.


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