Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Now, I have really seen it all...

The Max Mueller Bhavan (Goethe Institute) is normally a nice, interesting place and you have an eclectic mix of people present there always. You have young college kids, professionals, artists, language professors, linguists and also a lot of young people trying to get their bearings. The weekend classes have a better mix of people because most of the people who sign up are students and a wide range of professionals. I have a lawyer, 9 engineers and software consultants, 12 students, 1 housewife, 2 management students and 2 school kids in my class. We normally get a 15-25 minutes break between our 4 hour long class. The coffee break is quality adda time.

Nobody in my class will forget last Sunday's coffee break, ever. We have distinct groups in my German class and my group comprises of the lawyer, 6 engineers and one of the school kids. We were all sitting in the cafeteria and having coffee, when suddenly I heard a loud thud. We turned back to see a strange sight. One of the girls in my class (lets call her S) was having a fight with some other girl (OG). The other girl had flung tea on S and S slapped her. Yes, slapped her! There was an exchange of words, heated discussions and then the fight turned into a food fight. OG started throwing platters of food on S and having an asthmatic fit, and S went on slapping her and words like "whore", "bitch" and "witch" were being flung around with gay abandon. In the end, heaving dramatically, OG called up her dad on her cellphone and bawled at him to get her home. I slunk off at this point and called our Instructor. Everyone else was too shocked and were gaping at the fight with mouths wide open and eyes wide. Well! I've never seen two grown up females having a fight and all of us couldn't help but wonder what it was all about!


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