Thursday, October 21, 2004

One entire week of solitude

The Durga Pujas are a huge thing in Kolkata. My workplace seems to be the only business open on almost all the puja days. Its ashtami today, the main day of the pujas and I went to work. Its very irritating to see all services come to a grinding standstill during the pujas. I grit my teeth and shout at the unfortunate customer support phone monkeys and vent my displeasure. If I had my way everyone would work on all days, even on weekends. Its not just me, its Volkswagen too. The scientists at Volkswagen are working on circadian rythms and their alteration. I feel that I have Seasonal Affective Disorder and I'm curious to know if this means cures for psychosomatic (in my opinion, how can SAD be real, huh?) illnesses will be discovered. If its all in my mind, I'm not so sure I want my mind tampered with, though I'd give anything to stop being affected by gloomy weather. Such are the thoughts that occupy my brain in my one week of solitude. From what, you may ask? That is actually my little secret!


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