Monday, December 06, 2004


I was randomly surfing and found links to the wizbang weblog awards 2004. I tried checking out newer blogs to see if there was any interesting blog to follow. I was surprised to see that atleast 80% of the blogs on the wizbang awards, are right-wing blogs. EVEN the ones that claim to be UK, Europian or Asian ones. Even the ones that are nominated for best design or humour. I could not find any of the blogs that I thought were popular because almost every blog that was nominated was either blatantly right wing or had definite leanings. Is the award a right-wing one or what?

If anyone cares to notice, I have not joined any blogring, any gang or any group of blogs. The reason being that I just can not stand groupism of any kind. I have always been a loner and a person who functions well alone. Groups cramp my style and sooner or later get narrow and inwards-looking. Most blogrings serve as a tool for bloggers to scratch each other's backs and to assuage the fragile egos most bloggers seem to possess. I don't have a ego and I am supremely confident, some would even call me over-confident. Heh. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that I find most blogging awards skewed, self-congratulatory, narrow and self-gratifying. So why do people give them so much importance? In my opinion, most of these awards only serve the purpose to create an A group amongst blogs, the way you have in high-school and sometimes even colleges. I'm still a bit upset by the negativity and the spite there.


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