Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I got to know of one of my favourite uncle's death yesterday. Death was a release for him. He was suffering from cancer, was in his last stages and no doctor was willing to take on such a hopeless case and no hospital was willing to take him in. It is at times like this that I question the reasons for still remaining in India where human life is valueless. Why grieve for a professor who taught thousands of students who have moved to better climes? Why pause and mourn the passing away of a humorous, sarcastic, fun soul who could always be relied on to be the focal point of a class, the life of a party and the sharpest observer of facts? My entire family is shocked and saddened at the early passing away of an old dear friend.

I am shocked and am missing my parents more than ever. When I hear of premature deaths of the friends of my parents, it gives me a jolt and I hope and pray they will be around for years.

I have disabled comments because at this rather difficult point in time, I do not wish to have anonymous people posting offensive comments on my blog. I do not understand why a certain visitor to this blog bears so much bitterness and malice. My philosophy has always been to live and let live and to not breach anyone's privacy. Apparently this person has an axe to grind, though why, I do not know.

Right now, I am depressed and grieving. This is the third death in two months of some of my parents' close friends. I hope my uncle is now in peace. He will be remembered with a lot of fondness and happiness.