Wednesday, August 17, 2005


These days I can't even have a good cry in peace. I'm over-stressed and tired. I just can't take stupidity for another minute. Yesterday after a stressful, combative and nerve-wracking day at work, I shut out the world in my bedroom and lay down for a nice cry. Just 4 minutes after the tears started pouring the bell rang. I dried my eyes and answered the bell. It was some furniture being delivered - at 8:45 pm! After that, I built up the atmosphere again and summoned the tears, the moment I built up a crescendo, the idiot bell rang again. It was the dhobi with ironed clothes. My cry was interrupted 5 times, first by the furniture, then by the dhobi, then by my driver, the maid and finally by the security guard. At midnight, I gave up my attempts of sobbing my heart out and settled for cynicism and bitterness and hatred at the yuppie-heaven my life has become. Oh! Then, I padded up to my refridgerator to pour myself some Baileys, only to find that the bottle was empty. Now, I know why my ex-maid was always sleeping.


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