Saturday, November 26, 2005

Midnight Carbs Caper

Vermicelli with Eggs and Veggies

Mung Bean vermicelli
Boiled/ steamed/ cooked Vegetables (I used diced carrots, french beans, peas and corn)
Garlic - chopped into tiny bits (as much as you like, I like lots, so used 5 cloves)
Shallots - chopped
Eggs (I used 3 large ones)
Groundnut Oil
Fish Sauce
Light Soy Sauce
Lemon juice - I used 2 lemons
Green Chillies (as many as you can handle - I didn't have any, so I used chilli oil)
Coriander - Chopped
garlic shoots/ green onion shoots chopped fine

Yesterday I was watching Seinfeld and Kramer ordered Chinese and I had this sudden urge to eat garlicky noodles. Exploring the pantry did not yield any noodles, but I had loads of pasta and packs of mung bean vermicelli. So, vermicelli it was to be. I was happy because cooking this vermicelli is child's play. Thats just what I want at midnight. So, I heated some water, dunked the vermicelli in for 5 minutes, boiled the veggies, smashed the garlic and chopped it into tiny bits, chopped the shallots. Boil the vegetables until done. Chop the coriander fine, juice the lemons. I didn't do either because I discovered that the vermicelli required the lemon juice and coriander right at the end.

For final assembling, Take a large wok, heat the groundnut oil, add the garlic bits, cook until light golden, add the chopped shallots, cook until translucent, reduce the heat to medium, crack the eggs, keep stirring, add the fish sauce, soy sauce, green chillies/ chilli oil, boiled vegetables. When the eggs are firm/ cooked depending on how you like eggs, add the vermicelli (keeping the vermicelli in for more than 5 minutes will make it soft and awful), keep stirring until it is mixed uniformly. You may add more soy sauce now if you feel you want it saltier. Turn off heat. Add the lemon juice, coriander and chopped garlic/ onion shoots. Mine looked like this -

Thats it. Settle in front of TV with bowl of vermicelli, watch travel and living.


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