Thursday, June 01, 2006

She's Got The Look

I am looking at the photographs I got developed to send to my mother. I look so simpery and false-smiley in most of them. What actually frightens me is that when I'm my normal sulky, moody, disgruntled self, nobody says that I'm the only real person in the room. When I'm smiling fakely, when I'm simpering, when I'm doing the small talk, schmoozing, being fake-fake, I'm hugged and told, "You're my only real person in this room, how nice to meet you!"

I shall never understand the ways of this world.

I have decided on my pink shirt picture, taken with a 60 year old lady. Now if that doesn't please my mother, nothing will. What would she say if I sent her my pic in which I'm gazing at my sake cup (actually at the cute spanish guy, oh you break my heart when you say my name with the vowels all exaggerated and drawn out!) with meena kumari eyes?


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