Thursday, December 28, 2006

Cooking For The Posse

I have invited my colleagues for a thai-ish dinner tomorrow.

Menu - Chicken Red Curry, Prawns stir fried with something I still havent decided probably just basil and chilli, jasmine rice, pad thai, papaya salad and a veggie stir fry and momos for starters. I'm not able to decide if I should add a fish green curry to it or not. Will that be a Thai curry overkill?

I'm cooking for 12 people and have just finished cooking the red curry, chopping veggies for the stir fry, grating papaya for the papaya salad, and mincing and slicing ginger. Phew!

I would have taken pics, but my digicam has conked off and anyway, I'm too tired.


At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Varsha Commotion said...

Mmmm. Can you believe I've only cooked twice this whole month ?
Not much of a bounty coming out from my kitchen, but wow what yummy things they were.

I actually cooked a Turducken if you can believe it by following (mostly) the very excellent Lee-Anne Wong recipe, and it was the best ever according to everyone except Chadwick, but he is trying to get into someones pants so naturally he loved HER dish. Whatever.

And secondly, yesterday I fried a chicken breast in red pepper infused olive oil. Since I had forgotten I had taken out the sprinkler thing, I then accidentally dumped half a bottle of Italian herb mix onto it, and then just for kicks added my leftover heavy cream to finish it off. YUM.



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