Friday, December 08, 2006

Did You Not Notice My Boobs Or What?

I was having a networking experience the other day and despite liking to hang out with men better than with women, I had a moment which strengthened my theory that a lot of Indian men essentially are total losers....
1. My good "friend" says, "women are essentially objects, that are possessed by men. (sic)" Granted, our "friend" had half a bottle of teachers inside of him, but whats that they keep saying about knowing to hold your drink?
2. Our good "friends" who work with a huge multinational financial institution, seem to have no female colleagues and all women seem to be way junior.
3. When one hears the way men talk about women working in senior management in large corporate houses, one shudders to think that these men have daughters and wives who still live with them. Granted, such things happen when large amounts of alcohol are involved, but still.

At these moments, I make a hasty exit, kick off the heels, plonk myself down in front of the PC and post gushy posts about the neph.


At 6:37 PM, Anonymous Miss Varsha Commotion said...

Honey next time, check your Ta-Tas at the door. Shouldn't you actually be delighted that you have finally power-bitched your way into the old boys club where they see you as an equal and feel no compunction in looking down on wymynhood in front of you ?

(Before you accuse me of some sort of self hating post feministic sexism, let me remind you I hate ALL people, myn and wymyn.)

That's why I personally steer clear of all corpora-whoring anyway.

Speaking of whoring, guess who acted totally inappropriately by indulging in an impromptu make out session in the front seat of Richards (who is a totally dreamy lead, and the only person I would have ever danced with in the future, except now he hates me) car, only to be booted out onto the sidewalk when he was told that said person was married and only available for sex ?

Thats right bitchez. Not my most shining moment, but what can a girl do ?


At 10:40 AM, Blogger Plumpernickel said...

Varsha baby, what makes you think I want to be a part of the old boys club?

You had to walk then? Ouch!

In her own superior club since 1976


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