Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I May Be Busy But I Still Get Annoyed A LOT

This is my latest list of things that have annoyed me very, very much:
  1. People calling in unwell, when they have actually been going shopping or attending PTA meetings. Why one would need to lie for the former is beyond me, but still.
  2. Lazy people.
  3. Everyone in Calcutta, being annoyed by 16 million people is a bit much, but the truth is I am just annoyed by the mere existence of people in this city.
  4. Career Housewives, especially the ones in my clubs.
  5. Bad English.
  6. Grammatical errors in official letters and documents.
  7. People showing off marriage albums and boring the shit out of the album showees, especially since this is their 3rd marriage. And, a person married 3 times should hardly be the advocate of the sanctity and wholesomeness of marriage, no?
  8. Me getting fat.
  9. Me looking like a fat slob.
  10. Me looking like a fat, ugly slob.
  11. People unable to make a single sensible organised plan.
  12. Professionals who have qualified at capitation fee colleges like Manipal. I publicly say that I am afraid of a doctor who has studied at Manipal. Shouldn't you be too? This is my body, teeth, eyes. I am a little afraid entrusting it to papa's spoilt girl or boy.
  13. Women who publicly claim that any solid labour is boring, especially solid labour that I am doing.
  14. Shop attendants. In a way, I am hoping that department stores will fire some of their idiot floor workers, but it doesnt seem to be happening in Calcutta.
  15. Young Indian politicians - refer to point 12. Are we happy entrusting our country to papa's spoilt girl or boy?
  16. Social Workers.
  17. Missing out the Shanghai Tang trunk show because of work. Huge tears ensued.
  18. Barkha Dutt and her heart.
  19. Barkha Dutt barging into Taj or was it Trident and being pushed out by security. I think that was the lowest point of media intrusion. Why can't the Indian media be dignified and respect privacy and let people do their damn jobs? Why should every news event be sensationalised to the point of triviality? How do you expect a person who has lost a loved one to respond to - "aapko kaisa lag raha hai ki aapke relative ko terrorists ne maar daala?" (How do you feel at your relative being killed by terrorists?) I am hundred percent sure most tv anchorwomen have got their jobs by being related to someone who knows the Network head honcho and so now we have our news delivered too by papa's spoilt girl or boy. Jeez!
  20. Mid-December having September temperatures.



At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did my MBBS from Manipal. I knew people who couldn't compose a paragraph in english, and got a degree. Yes, you should fear a doctor from manipal. And, we had a saying - "This is Money-pal"

The knowledge gained is mostly theoretical, the standard mediocre, and the teaching repetitive - it is the story of most of the private medical colleges in our country...


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