Tuesday, June 30, 2009

That Don't Impress Me Much

As an aside, I am a tiny blob/ blip/ ant in the universe. Still, according to me, the purpose of the universe is to impress me or else perish. Yes, thats how screwed up I am. Here's another list of things that have been blown out of proportion by people who would bore the living daylights out of me, and I am sure are excited by skyscraper like things:
  1. The space needle, Seattle - I really expected it to be bigger, better, taller.
  2. Starbucks - not the best coffee, no. Also, I will NEVER understand how people actually substitute soymilk in coffee. Its either proper half and half for moi, or none at all. But, that really is another rant.
  3. Dubai - Imagine the most garish place ever, multiply by gadzillion, and you have Dubai.
  4. Any tourist destination in Singapore - Singapore is great, IF you avoid the touristy places. The touristy places give cheesy a new meaning.
  5. Bridge of Sighs, Venice - Ok, Ok, I get it, prisoners crossed it and sighed, and it is beautiful as all of Venice/ Italy, but I found it disappointing. Why? I expected it to be bigger, better, shinier.

I shall be adding to this list. Soon.

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