Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I would shop for EVERYTHING on Amazon if they delivered everything in India. One can only buy books, music and DVDs in India (They don't deliver anything else), so I stack my shopping cart and when the dollar is down, make the purchases and then wait and wait for them to deliver. They give you impossibly long wait times, but I normally get everything in 15-25 days.

Life has been horrible off late, so when I got my Amazon package today, it made me happy, happy, happy. What could be better? I truly think, I am the world's best gift giver - and this is the first time I've gifted myself something, so now I know for sure. Hang on! What's my housefull of clothes then? Umm... I think its the parcel in the mail that does it. AND I'm listening to Gainsbourg as I plonk out this post. Oh my!

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