Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Someone Marry My 35 Year Old Brother - Appropriate Ladies Please Apply but Only After Reading This Post

My aunt (Father's Sister) called up my mother, very unaccustomedly few days ago. She told my mother she had a rishta (matrimonial proposal) for my brother. Now, my aunt, despite everything, is from old-school traditional UP. My mother asked her if the girl (a doctor) in question:
  1. Drank
  2. Smoked
  3. Could dance (my brother is a very enthusiastic salsa dancer)
  4. Ate and could cook mutton.
  5. Ate beef, pork, seafood and fish.
  6. Would be comfortable in western wear/ bikinis/ skirts/ frocks.
  7. Was an atheist and never went to temples or her family never ever consulted any religious guru.
If the answer to any of the above was negative, sorry, would not do.

My aunt was somewhat offended. Then, to add insult to injury, my mother told my aunt, "Forget my son, your brother has started annoying me a lot these days, since you are in the matchmaking business apparently, why don't you find me a good match? I think it is time I moved on."

I don't think my aunt will be approaching my mother for any more matrimonial proposals soon.

Jokes apart, if you are a well-educated, independent, single lady in the appropriate age range, and fit the bill, do drop me a mail.


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Nice write up. Liked it.


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