Wednesday, May 19, 2004


If I had my way, I'd fly to the skies and stay put. If I could talk about my work, I would have babbled, but since I am not supposed to and I'd rather not, this is all I can say. Now I shall die a million deaths until delivery and feedback but atleast I shall die happy that there is a delivery and feedback!

Last year I had enrolled for a basic German language course at the Goethe Institute and though we got our certificates, we had to appear for an exam that I was sure I'd flunk, so I did not bother to check out the results. Now, as it so happens, I urgently need to get further with German and I called up Goethe Institute to re-enrol for the basic course. I was told that I could do the advanced one because I had passed my basic levels! That is a classic example of how I underestimate myself.


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