Sunday, May 16, 2004

Madame Bootle Bumtrinket

Madder came over yesterday night and as we always do, trashed everyone and everything including ourselves, drank copious amounts of liquids, alcoholic and otherwise, creating mocktails and cocktails as required and gabbled away just like only two women can. It was to celebrate my new set of wheels and I'm looking for a name for my darling car. I've almost settled on 'Bootle Bumtrinket', and might shorten it to 'Bebe' (pronounced: Baybay). She looks like a Bootle Bumtrinket all right. I have planned lots of adventures with Bebe, and this is how it all looks uptil now.
1. Go for a dinner to sher-e-punjab dhaba with assorted friends. The dhaba is some way ahead of Dum-dum airport and is supposed to be "the" happening place on the highway.
2. Drive to Belur and spend a day at the Math.
3. Go for a midnight drive on the em-bypass on a rainy day.
4. Dress up Bebe in black and/or electric blue.
5. Drive down to Ffort Radisson atleast once a month.
6. Go and visit the parents atleast once in 2 months.


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