Monday, May 10, 2004

Miss Varsha *heart* Boston Rob

Oh all right, I admit it.
I am a reality TV junkie. I would happily spend my time waving little red-and-yellow TAR flags, but since American TV is determined to suck the lifeblood out of me, I make do with other, lesser shows. Even the bad ones on MTV with the fake drama, which are usually watched by "Eeeeeeeeeeee ! Me + Allison 4 Eva !" type screaming 14 year olds.

So the Survivor finale. Biggest TV night of the week. And the fucking crybaby, loser, can't get over themselves Jury hand the million dollars to that fucking skank Lamber, rather than Boston Rob who played the fuck out of the game. Except for the part where he started thinking with Little Boston Rob and fell under the thrall of the floral bikini.

"My strategy was to flirt with Boston Rob". Oh, thanks Lamber for setting the whole concept of womanhood back by about seven hundered years.

And then in what is one of the shittiest moves in my opinion, the lunkhead goes and proposes to her on live national TV. To which she said yes. Like, when has someone who has been proposed to in public ever said no ? What are they going to say "Uh...sorry, I was just leading you on" in front of 200 million people ? Right.

Sigh, anyway dear, just know that when the skank takes her million and dumps you, and you are left being all "Aaaaam-bah ?!" (Think Nicolas Cage and "Stelllaaaaaaaaaaaa"), Miss Varsha will be waiting for you on just the other side of Boston harbor.


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