Sunday, May 02, 2004

Miss Varsha and Ishmael

Well folks, I am back from Boston, Mass. As was reasonably pointed out, not everyone knows that said town is called Beantown, so my apologies. As always, once I had repressed the irrational urge to don a New York Yankees cap and shout "BoSox suck, losers !", I came to the conclusion that I *heart* Boston and will go to any lengths to live there. In order to provide a quick, succint and informative overview of the whole production, we now rely on our good and functional friend, the bulleted list.

(a) Not unexpectedly, I was stabbed in the back by NilouxDi and Truckie who called in sick at the last minute. See this sort of idiotic behaviour by married couples who insist only on socializing with other married couples is what reaffirms my non-belief in marriage. But since he is a good reliable guy in that way, Rvijay drove down in his brand new hybrid electric/gas car to spend time with us. All you manly men who think buying rough and tough SUVs to drive in from your whitebread suburb to work can just kiss our collective asses.

(b) Whilst shopping for healthy dinner ingredients I could not help buy (and consume) a giant container of Valhrona chocolate. If you think you've eaten good chocolate, and it wasn't Valhrona, you are sadly, sadly mistaken.

(c) Although it did sound sort of tourist trappy-ish, we decided to go whale watching on Saturday, and can I just say, that is the best investment of money I can not afford I have ever made ? Despite the fact that we were tossed around, like so much salad, and nearly froze to death due to the wind blowing over the bloody frigid Atlantic, it was the best time ever. The whale spotter on our boat insisted on wasting like half an hour chasing after a female humpback called Salt (who apparently is one of her favorites - and yes, whales, like people, look different from each other) who was acting all shy and pricey leading us to believe that the whole trip would be a lost cause. And then we found a mixed group of eleven (yes, eleven !) male humpbacks and spinebacks feeding together. And like most males around the world, they were more than ready to show off for an audience and have a good time and lunged and jumped and splashed their tails for us. Or alternatively, stuffed their faces while a group of gasping humans beneath their notice looked on. For those not in the know, the best part of whale group feeding is that in order for it to be worth their while, the whales herd schools of fish numbering in the hundereds of thousands to one small area before pigging out - and every bird and dolphin in the area invites themself to the party. Seriously people - the sight of an adult whale coming out of the sea with its mouth open as about thirty gulls fly in to steal a bite and fly out before the whale closes its mouth can be filed away as one of those "defining moments of life." Soon enough it was time to head back, and to complete the National Geographic experience, a group of Atlantic White dolphins decided to swim back all the way with us, easily keeping up with the Catamaran. Can I just say "Awwwww" ?

(d) Those in the area not averse to lightening their wallets and looking for an excellent meal are advised to whisk themselves to The Kabab Factory. Excellent, excellent food, of the type which was served at Lavish parties in the Commotion household when she was a twee, growing lass. But be warned - if instead of being adventerous and indulging in the feast of meat delicasies available you order the "Tandoori Chicken Pizza", the spirits of Miss Varsha and Plumpie will materialize behind you and beat you with a stick.

Sigh. Can't wait to be back. And yeah, BoSox suck, Losers !


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