Friday, April 30, 2004

Miss Varsha on her sabbath

Well boys and girls, I am off to Beantown for the weekend, so play nice while I'm gone. I've been hauling ass all morning trying to get some last minute things done before a mad dash to the airport, where I need to show up an hour before my flight on account of I have brown skin.

As soon as my flight lands, I shall be whisked away to the local Whole Foods (TM) - shop at your local co-op dearies, it's better for the farmers, environment and has untold assciated snob value - to shop for dinner ingredients. And then onwards for a frenetic period of cooking and cleaning before the guests Rvijay, NilouxDi and Truckie show up.

To make up for this uncalled for burst of friday activity I intend to do absolutely nothing tomorrow except lie around on a sunny beach somewhere in Cape Cod working on my tan. A perfect way to enjoy our one day off as decreed by The Lord. And put away your Bibles, y'all because Consort Commotion is a Jew and our Sabbath is on bloody Saturday, alright ?

Courtesy of the "No ? Really ? Fuck That !" department, I bring to you this partning tidbit. Every major hotel in Tel Aviv is required to have a Sabbath elevator - one that runs non stop all day long on Saturdays, stopping at each and every floor which is meant to be used by the Ultra Orthodox Jews, since apparently pushing the elevator button would violate the prohibition against working. I just report it people, I don't make it up.


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