Sunday, May 09, 2004

Miss Varsha on a sunny Sunday

This is exactly why my erstwhile Blog collapsed into obscurity.

After weeks of frenetic posting I would completely neglect it, on account of I have a life and apparently better things to do. Which is why I guess Plumpie is blowing steam out of her ears right now in some corner of the corporate world at the woeful neglect I have shown here.

My apologies, except not really.

Contributing to this whole malaise was the fact that it was a week of utter and indescribably non happeningness. Not even the promise of a nekkid Hugh Jackman in Van Helsing has been enough to shake me out of this spell of laziness.

I gave my new summer party wardrobe a test drive at Pramilla's graduation party yesterday and I can declare myself satisfied with the result. Of course the fact that I seem to have lost a whole bunch of weight in the last two weeks without even trying helped a lot. Was able to catch up with a boatload of old friends, and P's ouber hot brother from Chicago offered to help me find a job. And I didn't even have to put any slutty moves on him, Plumpie. Faced with such good prospects all around, even the prescence of three squalling kids (well, ok, they weren't really squalling, they were fairly well behaved as far as Indian kids go, must be all the beatings) wasn't enough to put a dampener on my mood.

Now I'm off to lay somewhere in a park and work on my tan. Play nice.


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