Saturday, May 29, 2004

Pasta Perfect

Yesterday night I felt like eating pasta. It was also a good exercise to finish the spaghetti lying on my shelves for the last gadzillion years. I had read this interesting recipe on Chocolate and Zucchini, one of my favourite food blogs yeaterday and adapted the recipe to suit my requirements and stuff I had at home. Instead of using chorizo I marinated a chicken breast in herbs, a bit of honey, lime and a dash of tabasco and roast it and then shredded the meat. I made a garlicky tomato sauce flavoured with parsley, mixed the chicken and the pasta and the pistas and there I had a fresh, nutty, tasty pasta! Along with it I sauted steamed button mushrooms and french beans in olive oil and garlic. Mmmm... It made a pretty sight, the red and white of the pasta lying beside the white and green of the veggies on my plate. I havent enjoyed a meal so much in ages! I wish I had a camera to take pictures, very soon I shall!


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