Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Something Stupid

Was in Delhi for the past 3 days. Delhi was hot and horrible. Thankfully I was always in airconditioned areas and it wasn't a problem, but the rest of the city looked very uncomfortable and hot. Amongst other things I saw a candy factory and got free samples. How nice is that? Free candy is always nice.

While I was returning, I almost got knocked down by a cabbie at the airport and I wondered why everyone was bent on decimating my sorry existence all the fuckin' time? This was of course the third time in this trip that I narrowly escaped death. The first two times were while I was crossing roads and that too carefully. Carefully means dreaming about lunch and trying to concentrate to understand English heavily accented with Italian.

Sunday was a work intensive day and I have had my fill of Italian men who miss Italian food and insist on trying out Italian joints in of all the places - Delhi! Thankfully lunch was at a teppenyaki bar, TK's at the Hyatt. Of course I cheated and also had sushi and overate. Mmmm... They say that TK's will also be opening in the Calcutta Hyatt. If it does, I shall have sunday lunches over there and nowhere else. Of course if a Benihana were to open in Calcutta, I would have every other meal there. Sigh!


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