Thursday, May 20, 2004

Victoria's Secret

Last evening feeling thoroughly wretched and depressed, I resorted to my one sure-fire perk-me-up tricks. I went shopping. I had to buy my office clothes and I walked into Pantaloons to pick up some cotton trousers and all they had was low-cut grey coloured crap. I searched high and low and ultimately asked one of the detestable shop girls (Pantaloons has the worst floor people possible - they behave as if showing you where the knickers are, is doing you a huge favour)for help and she showed me some synthetic crap that I don't wear. I hate wearing anything other than cotton, linen or silk and my skin breaks out into a rash at any contact with an un-natural fibre. I was surprised. I had bought a pair of black, cotton trousers from there just 15 days back and now there was not a trace of blessed cotton trousers. So, I bought one of those low-cut things and now, I am mortified. My underwear is showing and I have to wear my jacket in this god-awful heat because I don't particularly like displaying white chuddis1 below black trousers. Die low-rise trousers! Die!

1 Chuddis = Knickers


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