Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Westward ho!

Why does all of Bombay look like a squalid dump? I remember one of my cousin who criticised Calcutta endlessly citing pollution and dirt as the reasons, but I think Bombay is far more dirtier and squalid than Calcutta. The thing is that Calcutta has changed a lot in the past few years for the better or maybe I only know those parts of Calcutta that are posh and all, but on occassions I have been to North Calcutta or central Calcutta, I didnt think it was as squalid as what I had to encounter in Bombay. I was in Bombay yesterday and though I stayed in Juhu and ventured only to Andheri and Bandra, I couldnt help noticing the piles of rubbish everywhere and the narrowness and constrictiveness of Bombay. I hope I never have to stay in Bombay. I would die in a week.


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