Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Why the Indian mother is a force to reckon with

Before I start this, let me henceforth declare that the views and observations put forward in this post are my own and should not be regarded personally. If they are taken personally, then you are clearly the kind of person I avoid consciously and so refrain from making an ass of yourself.

Most parts of India have a severe imbalanced male-female ratio. Most women have to put up with an unfair male bias at some time or the other. If an Indian woman says that she has never encountered sexism ever, she is either lying or is actually a blonde in disguise and has been duped by her environment to believe otherwise and in my opinion the kind of women I despise the most. In most families childcare is left to the mother. The mother who has been discriminated against, who has had to suffer unfair and discriminatory behaviour most of her life until she is placed in a position of power and supremacy. My theory is that power corrupts, especially when power is usurped and is placed in the hands of those who have been severly deprived of it. That is precisely what happens to the Indian mother once her children reach the pre-teens or the teens. And then, the Indian mother becomes the queen in a deck of cards. She is God to her children. She is the sole decider of events, the only decision maker, the home goddess, the one who knows best even when her child is a thirty year old, the ruler of the roost. She weilds her power effectively in her children's lives and is the last word. Until her dying day, she will be the sole champion and the major force in her children's relationships, starting the cycle of unequal power distribution until she kicks the bucket and the child's spouse enters the vicious cycle. Heh!

This does happen, though of course you have other power scenarios that I shall post about sometime later.


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