Sunday, August 22, 2004

Calcutta chatter

In the recent past (last five years or so), the communist state government in West Bengal has started changing names of prominent streets, in Calcutta. I haven't a clue why. In my opinion, the older names have historical significance and are nicer. I dont mind the new names, but they will take time getting used to and I just think there was no real need for the name-changes. I have listed all the ones I could find/ remember. You decide for yourself...
  1. Ballygunge Circular Road1 - Promotesh Barua Sarani
  2. Ballygunge Road - Ashutosh Chowdhury Avenue
  3. Beadon Street - Abhedananda Road
  4. Camac Street - Abanindranath Tagore Sarani
  5. CIT Road - Acharya Satyen Bose Road
  6. Grey Street - Arabinda Sarani
  7. Lower Circular Road - AJC Bose Road
  8. Russel Street - Anandi Lal Poddar Sarani
  9. Swinhoe Street - Anil Moitra Road
  10. Kyd Street - Dr. MD Isak Road
  11. Palm Avenue - Bibhuti Bandopadhyay Street
  12. Woodburn Park - Bibhabati Bose Sarani
  13. Brabourne Road - Biplabi Trailokya Maharaja Road
  14. Upper Circular Road - APC Road
  15. Kasba Road - Banku Bahari Chatterjee Road
  16. Ultadanga Main Road - Bidhannagar Road
  17. Auckland Square - Benjamin Molaeir Square
  18. Bowbazar Street - BB Ganguly Street
  19. Russa Road - Chinmoyee Chattopadhyay Sarani
  20. Dalhousie Square - BBD Bag
  21. Canning Street - Biplabi Rash Behari Road

1 Old Names


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