Tuesday, August 17, 2004

My revised birthday list

For those who have been gifting me stuff for my birthday (Yes, Bets dear that includes you too from this year onwards) and for those who might feel like making me very, very happy. Heh!
  1. Lots of flowers
  2. CK One
  3. DVD/ VCD - The entire Harry potter trilogy, Super size me, Fahrenheit 9/11
  4. CD - Anything goes as long as it is not trance, techno, world or pop
  5. Books - Anything goes, but the following will be much appreciated
    (i) Hotel Babylon - Imogen Edward-Jones & Anonymous
    (ii) Kitchen Confidential - Anthony Bourdain
    (iii) The murder room - P. D. James
    (iv) Spinsters in Jeopardy - Ngaio Marsh
    (v) Asterix and the class act
    (vi) Bangla Ranna - The Bengal cookbook - Meenakshi Dasgupta (One of my colleagues swiped my copy and I can't muster enough guts to go and ask for it)
  6. Chocolate - Mmmm... I shall be your slave for life
  7. One of those travelling neck cushions/ pillows
  8. A mortar and a pestle
  9. Table lamp - trendy and not utilitarian (added for the brother's benefit who can be irritatingly dumb about certain stuff)

The iPod and digital camera I shall get myself and I'm already gloating at the thought of both. The moment I get my digital camera, I promise to turn this blog into a blog that focuses mainly on food.

If I get even one thing on this list I shall be very, very happy. My luck with gifts borders on the bizarre. I get horrendous stuff from people and I mostly give it all away. Among the horrors I have got as gifts the most striking one was a plaster of paris dolphin. I still shudder when I think about it.


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