Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The pressures of looking good

I take care to be well-groomed. To ensure that I look like a woman and not a hairy monster that I actually am or can turn into, my weekly routine consists of a weekly trudge to the salon to get my eyebrows and upperlip threaded. The entire procedure is painful to say the least. Then, every fortnight I get my hair trimmed and shampooed. Every month I get a pedicure and a manicure so that my toenails and nails look good. Every month I get my hands and legs waxed. I cannot even say how horrible and painful the procedure is. I suppose apart from the waxing and threading I could do it all myself, but manicures and pedicures are very relaxing as I have discovered. I think that would pretty much cover the beauty regimen of any woman my age.

Left to myself I wouldn't bother with anything. However I know the untended weedy look in women is not appreciated. I realise that I take pains to appear well-groomed to blend-in. Sometimes, I feel like stopping it all and going all natural, but I am scared of bucking the trend. I am scared of being laughed or sniggered at. I am afraid of being told to appear well-groomed by HR. I am scared of losing my job just because I don't hate body hair and take a stand to be pro-body hair. It is all horribly unfair.


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