Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Looking down on creation

My machinations worked! I finally managed to send my sister and brother on a massive guilt trip by whining endlessly on ze blog and BOTH of them called me up yesterday and I had long conversations with both. BOTH were loathe to admit that it was because of my endless complaining on my blog, but I know better!

I am feeling much, much better now, reasons being:
  • More attention being paid to me by people (so what if I have to browbeat them into it?)
  • Bailey's Irish cream (Really a worthy buy)
  • Varsha emailing regularly
  • Having my own wicked way at work
  • Losing a bit of weight (my clothes are marginally fitting better and one roll has reduced by 2 cms)
  • The possibility of travelling to either Finland or Italy later this month - aaah!
  • The epiphany that I have started 2 fashion trends at work - more about this later!


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