Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Pointers to women to deal with Indian men

Most Indian single women of my age would not need this unless they are really really stupid. This is meant for those women, who are yet to get where I am (and its not an entirely unhappy place) so listen up!
  1. Do not expect adult behaviour from any Indian man below 75 years of age. Most Indian men might look like adults, behave like adults but are NOT adults. They are maa ka munnas (momma's boys) and will expect mothering and not wifing (er.... ok, I just made that word up) or partnership from you. You are just a human shaped teat and have to feed their egos, their wants and their needs. So get set to mother your man if you are planning a long term relationship with an Indian man.
  2. Nobody can be better than mum. So don't even get there. If you are like me and do not think mum knows best, woe betide you!
  3. Most men have important careers while you are just a showpiece at your workplace and do something to keep yourself occupied, or should.
  4. If men help at all at home, their aunts, their bais and the bai's donkeys will all know about it. It does not matter that you slave all day, it is your work!
  5. The women are always at fault in relationship problems, since you see men are all hard-working innocents. If any woman dares to be her own person, she is a bitch, slut or should be propositioned by every tom, dick and harry. So, watch out and don't raise your voice with your man unless you want to be branded a harpy.
  6. It is ok for men to be wholly controlling. You should understand this.
  7. It is ok if men lech at other women, they are being just men. If you do the same, you are a cheap slut.
  8. It is ok for other women to wear high hemlines and low necklines. You should be dressed 'properly' and 'decently' which loosely translated means covered from neck to toe.

Heh! For anymore help/ suggestions/ advice mail me!


At 1:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this sums it up... i should have read this yrs ago

At 8:48 PM, Blogger saultxy said...

Plumpernickel, you are wonderful! Thank you! Your short, to-the-point, pithy "cheat-sheet" (no pun intended) on the Indian male is invaluable, and like the other 'commentor', I wish I had seen your blog a long time ago, but, better late than never.
I just recently escaped two encounters of a weird kind, with educated Desi dudes, here in "Silly Valley," CA. To say they were physically aggressive and commandeering would be an understatement. More like repressed, over-sexed teenagers; in short, randy zoo critters — and in public! And one of them turns out to be married — to an attorney (not Indian)!
Each clearly adored his mommy; that was spot-on!
One of them loathed his dad, and the other guy did an unflattering impersonation of Indian men for me ... before asking me to "do an Indian accent" to his face! (Can't and no way.) I seriously wondered if this statistician's son was fubar ... or a masochist, sadist, misogynist, or all three.
In all my days on the planet — and I am no youngster — I have never been made to feel more like an inflatable girl or piece of Porterhouse steak at the market, than by these two physically fixated Desi dudes.
Needless to say, nearly speechless and in disbelief, I made a quick escape from each of these guys, at the first opportunity, lest I end up in a news' header.
They look like modern guys, but don't be fooled: their mindsets are firmly embedded in a bygone era.

At 4:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugh. Indian men are disgusting... To all Indian girls (or girls in general) like me - please dont get into a long term relationship with an Indian man.


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