Saturday, July 31, 2004


I just read some shocking news in the newspaper. A MTV (India) VJ committed suicide! She was young, beautiful, talented and compassionate. Or so they say. My ex-ex-housemate also claimed that she was her classmate. Knock me down with a feather! Nafisa was 26 and my x-x-housemate was 32. Unless the x-x-housemate flunked school or college six times that is clearly not possible. So, why did she lie? According to her, Rahul Dravid too is her classmate. Now I have my doubts. I think fibbing about such things is plain stupid. I wonder why she did it? I am not impressed by the who-knows-who and namedropping anyway. It requires either a Bob Dylan or a Robert Feynman to impress me, I am not impressed by anyone less intelligent or talented. My sister is a huge name-dropper as are some of my relatives and friends and Varsha, but they are almost always factually correct. I wonder if anyone else over here has heard whoppers of this kind?


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