Thursday, July 29, 2004

So far away

I am back again. I had to go to Bangalore for work (work and more work) and was too busy to update ze blogge. I did have Internet access but by the time I would wind up, I would be too tired to blog. The free time that I did have, was spent in dinner meetings. I think I've had an overdose of work. I need a vacation soon.

The best part of this visit was the dinner meetings. The food was delish and though they were essentially business interactions, I quite enjoyed myself. I visited a Japanese place called Dahlia on Church Street (I think). The sushi was very nicely done, though I think their wasabi could do with some more punch. I've had better wasabi here in Calcutta at the ITC's Pan Asian. If you could pair the sushi of Dahlia and the wasabi at the ITC, what a pairing that would be! Yesterday I had a solitary lunch at Sunny's (marred only by the loud tones of Bachi karkaria and Arjun Sajnani - the owner of Sunny's. I think Bachi Karkaria follows me around the country. See Here!) and I loved the food. Since it is only across the street from our offices in Bangalore, I plan to go there more often for lunches.  Also went to this basement restaurant called Tycoons. What do I say, their menu was the Skyroom/ Bluefox inspired! On enquiry, I found that the owner had trained under the Skyroom/ Bluefox chefs. Heh! You can go away from Calcutta, but Calcutta never leaves you.

Now I'm back and the depression and the blues have left me. I'm happy to be back, at work and I'm raring to go once again. Thanks everyone for the suggestions/ advice. I shall look into it next month, well in advance.


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