Monday, July 19, 2004


I was telling somebody I met, about my blog and then asked the person if he had one or not and he said, "No, I am not that much of an egoist." I was a little bit abashed, and then I realised that he was right. Most people who blog are pretty much caught up with their blog. Those blogs that have millions of comments on them, in my opinion, are asking for trouble. It is not easy to take criticism and that too from total strangers. I found that out the hard way and since I am a hugely self-obssessed, egoistical bitch, I do not encourage commentors I do not know in some manner or the other, to voice their comments here. I even sort of heckle them down with active support of Miss Varsha. Afterall, what else are friends for?
I fear I may have pissed off one of my favourite blogger though I did not mean to. One never knows what might touch the raw nerve of people one knows vaguely, does one? Anyway, I shall miss his blog a lot. It used to be my daily source of controversies and gave me an insight into the opinions of my peers, albeit of a totally random, upwardly mobile statistic. I could also be as acerbic as I wished and I shall miss that the most. Sigh!


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