Monday, July 19, 2004

Highly avoidable bitching session

The people in my German class are a bunch of twits. It might be because I am one of the oldest people in my class and working full-time or something, but I did not expect that people could be so silly. I am forced to listen to personal opinions and woes of this irritating 22 year old studying linguistics. He is by far the most irritating person out of all the bozos. He insists on telling all of us about his parents' divorce, his father's third marriage and how screwed up life can be and how great he is and which club he frequents. All this, to people who turn a deaf ear to him and start yawning the moment he opens his mouth!
Then we have this woman who is studying education who is another loudmouth. She encourages the linguistic student way too much and we have to listen to their stupid session of agony aunt and consultee. Why am I spending my hard-earned money on this? Apart from these two irritating pests, there are 2 beauty queens. One wears strappy tank tops and jeans and has a permanent scowl-pout that the guys find irresistible and the other opens and closes her mouth like a goldfish imagining that this would be perhaps attractive, but sadly it is not.  Then we have the tedious engineering grads who are all very annoying and cliqueish and still compare college grades and swagger as if they own the earth the way only Indian engineering graduates can.
The most irritating part is the way people compare clubs, holidays, schools, clothes etc etc and I feel like reminding them gently that it is not theirs to brag about, it is their goddamned parents! If this is a sample of my peer group, bring on the older men!


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