Monday, August 02, 2004

Bollywood boos

Someone should tell Mahima Chaudhury to stop being so silly. As it is, her taste in men runs to men like Leander Paes, what else did she expect? I think I should make this a gossip blog considering the fact that I can gossip about most of Calcutta, if not anyone else. As for Mr. Paes, well, his circle in Calcutta (or the people who claim to be his friends, atleast) are sleazy jerks that abound in Calcutta clubs, each slimier than the next. As A puts it aptly, "I never know what they actually do. If you ask around, you are told that their family used to own jute mills or some bicycle parts factory or something equally ancient of that sort. Observe the 'used to'. All you see them doing, is loitering in clubs, playing around and being pseudo intellectual." To Leander Paes' credit, he actually does have a profession. Why can't these idiot actresses have a spine and quit being so dependent on silly men? There's Nafisa Joseph who killed herself over some fellow, in all probability a slimeball and now Mahima is boo-hooing all over the place. Is Leander even worth crying over? I don't think so.

Ewww... I just discovered, I share a birthday with Mahima Chaudhury. Puke! Double Puke!


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