Monday, August 09, 2004

Caveat Emptor - boring, inward-looking, self glorifying, narcissist post

I had to go for the workplace annual dinner yesterday. I was wearing what I thought was a smart outfit - black silk kurta, black churidar, beige and olive moonga silk dupatta, my pearl strands and earrings and beige stilettoes. I had planned to add a dash of colour by wearing a red stole and red stilettoes instead, but Varsha pointed out that it might look sluttish. I think he had a point.

Yesterday I also went and pampered myself, actually tortured myself, I got waxing done and it was sheer torture. The other stuff was bliss though. I've been losing weight and am happy, happy, happy. It feels nice to wear high heels and not have the knees aching because of the excess weight being carried.


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