Monday, August 09, 2004

Milk of Human Kindness...

has always eluded me. I suppose I am unkind and insensitive. You could call me an asshole and a bitch. I firmly believe that every sob story has a flip side. Things are never what they seem and most people who paint themselves as victims offer only one version of a story. I know this because I have successfully pulled off many bluffs and got off the hook by fantastic excuses banking on one thing - Milk of Human Kindness. In fact I find, the huger a victim you pretend to be, the more elaborate scams you can pull off. A case in point being Odin Soli and Plain Layne. But, I digress. Since I have been such an effective puller-of-scams I can see through bluffs and sob stories.

I was told about this babe who's marriage was on the rocks and who's husband beat her black and blue. Everyone sympathised with the babe, but I had my doubts. For the simple reason that despite her stories of being a victim, her actions were anything but. For one, her stories had different versions, one for the menfolk and one for the womenfolk. To the women she said that she was rejected because she got fat. Oh yes, that one ALWAYS gets instant sympathy from ALL women. To the men her story consisted of her being married against her wishes and a previous lover. Now, suddenly she is back with her husband and they are a happily married couple again. People are confounded by her behaviour because she had painted her husband to be a class 1 asshole and a brute and people now say she is a wonderful woman to put up with everything and forgive her husband. I am like, WTF? I do not think her husband was that much of an asshole to begin with and I think there is more to the tale. But do you think anyone believes me? No. They like to think that women are victims and ever-suffering and that the classic man-asshole-beats-up-wife saga when related by a woman has to hold true. I however always have my doubts, for the simple reason that most women who are really victims do not tell their tales to all and sundry and their stories can be mind-numbing and horrific.


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