Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Cast Away

Everybody should have a friend they can call at midnight, wake up from sleep and chat for hours. I have 3 friends who I can disturb at any point of time and I can cry and wail to them and who comfort me immensely when I am down and out. One is of course Varsha, but since the bitch decided to live across many oceans, talking often just does not happen. So, I rely on Ponappa and Madder to hang on to sanity. Mostly it is Ponappa since we go back a long way. She probably knows me better than anyone else in this world, with the possible exception of Varsha.

Yesterday, I felt a bout of depression and I called up Ponappa at midnight hoping she would pick up her cell. I was lucky, she did. After abusing me with choice invectives, we settled down for a long talk. My depression just disappeared! So, now I shall treat my depression with catching up with friends. Let the huge phone bills happen.

Ponappa is now Dr. Ponappa and just started working. Her dad bought her a car. The reasons were (a) Obviously to avoid public transport (b) To better her chances at marriage - by adding 'Can Drive' to her list of merits. I collapsed, when Ponappa told me this with a straight face and we both couldnt stop laughing for 5 minutes.


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