Thursday, August 19, 2004

Things every single woman should know *

* Most of the points are local in nature, and I can't be pushed into explaining what they actually mean.
  1. How to change bulbs, fuse wires, and other assorted electrical stuff.
  2. How to change tyres.
  3. When to say "No!".
  4. That most Indian men are pariah dogs, especially the married ones. Beware of married men, unless you want a no-strings attached fling, in which case, seek a man who is afraid to death of his wife. For some strange reason most men are, and thats not always a good thing. Then refer to the previous point. Thats not a good idea at all.
  5. ANY man over the age of 25 is, in all probability married. Since Indian men do not wear wedding bands or any other external signs of marriage (though I can spot a married man from 5 miles away) ASK before assuming the contrary. No, it is not pushy or rude. You have the right to know.
  6. To be confident and to have atleast one friend to depend on through thick and thin.
  7. To always have a spare set of keys at that friend's house.
  8. How to NOT max credit cards.
  9. That being healthy and fit is a very good idea and that you owe it to yourself.
  10. That being alone does not mean being lonely, and just translates to more time, in which you can do much more than your non-single sisters.
  11. The phone numbers of your doctor and gynaecologist. It is a good idea to find a good gynaecologist and dentist. Look up point 9.
  12. That regular pedicures, manicures etc not only keep you looking swell, they are also uber relaxing.
  13. That arming yourself with pepper spray is a good idea. However, every person who asks you for directions is not out to get you.
  14. That having friends and family visit you regularly at home is safer for you.
  15. Not dressing like a total slut helps. That midriff baring top looks sexy alright but need you wear it everywhere?
  16. That it is safe to have a cellphone and a landline and NEVER to give your cellphone number to people you do not trust. For that matter, you don't need to fill in feedback forms everywhere.
  17. How to do your taxes and to know just how much you actually earn.
  18. That having 2 photo identification proofs (eg. Passport, PAN card, voter's identity card, driving license) cuts out a lot of future headaches and heartburns.
  19. That coming back to a nice and tidy home, is magically relaxing. It does not require too much effort to achieve that.
  20. Keep your paperwork (passports, tax forms etc.) updated. Our friend Varsha, learnt this the hard way.
  21. Bitterness is best left alone. Seriously. Enjoy life, afterall, you have the time and space to actually do it.

Most of these points actually apply to everyone, but from what I see, most single women seem to ignore good sense. All the important points, like proper paperwork and documents, I learnt from bitter experience. I *should* have known, but I did not. I think along with morals, values and all the baggage parents saddle kids with, they miss out the most important bits, namely, how to manage money and how to be careful about paperwork.


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