Monday, October 04, 2004

Singapore is a FINE city

My vacation was spent in Singapore eating, shopping, walking and sight-seeing. Being all alone is therapeutic. It was a relief to be in a city where no one knew me and I knew no one. Thankfully the city I had chosen was safe. I ate HERE, HERE and very often over HERE. I shopped HERE, HERE and in many malls located HERE. I enjoyed local and south-east asian art HERE and HERE. Then best of all, I got a lovely treat, I got to watch a musical "Mamma Mia!" over HERE. I also swam, went to amusement parks, safaris, sampled Mooncakes (Thanks Renee!), went to Glutton's Square, walked and walked and walked (despite the heat and the humidity). I also increased my shoe count by one. I went somewhat berserk at the Body Shop. I loved services in Singapore and the people. I loved the fact that no one bugged me even once. I loved the fact that despite being all alone I got excellent services. Most of all, I loved being alone without the pressures of work or deadlines. I enjoyed this vacation so much I might just head to Singapore everytime I need a vacation.


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